About Me

Thank you for stopping by to view my art blog, I am really bad about writing bio stuff, but people keep telling me that people like some back-story, so here we go:

I was born to a couple of hippies, one a photographer and the other a bluegrass musician/labor organiser; and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

I have been an artist my entire life, despite being born legally blind, having had an operation when 4 years old to restore my sight to the point where glasses could help, I am very happy to show you all what I see and how I see it.
I like to use color and humor in my art. I prefer to represent what I think is beautiful and what makes me happy. I know there is a place for "Angst in Art", but I just don’t seem to have that place in me. And I don't think that is the only valid voice for an artist to have. I think making art that is about contentment is a more rewarding challenge than making art about discontent. For me, at least.
Besides my daily painting and other art projects I am also a self taught lace maker, a seamstress and costumer, and also a complete geek.
I am sorry you had to read this, and sorry I had to write it, but at least you know more about me, and I can tell people I fleshed out my bio. I really rather you just took a look at my art, as that says more about me than I ever could. (And makes more sense, too)

I Have sold into private collections and in Televised Art Auctions as well as shown in several juried competitions
Originals are for sale here

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I use the facebook fan page to post progressions of my paintings as I work on them.