The following is a list of weird words and terms you might find in this blog that I think are actual perfectly reasonable words and terms for things. I'll be adding more as I think of them or come across them as I write.

and I will endeavor to keep the list alphabetical

(I was married for 10 years to a Scottish person and took 7 years of french and listened to my Gramma speak Yiddish growing up so I reserve the right to forget to explain any phrases or spelling that may stem from my freaky linguistic background)

Artistic Coma - Noun; The state of mind when one has been or is doing art, can include a disconnect from surroundings and a state of hyper focus on current project. Usually last for a little while even after art work is finished. Also disturbs ones' ability to see what the finished work or session of work actually looks like, commonly causing you to see the technical work and be unable to view it as a whole for some time afterwards.

Colorbatize - Verb; The act of arranging things in rainbow order or value order. "When I got my new set of pens home, the first thing I did was to colorbatize them."

MfT - Metric Fuck Ton - Measurement; a very large number; normally of something you have no clue what to do with. "I ordered about 30 half pans, but this left me with an MfT of boxes that are too small to do anything useful with."

Painting Fodder - Noun; A thing acquired for later use as the subject of a painting, can include thoughts, ideas, random objects, photographs, sketches, and such.