Thursday, February 24, 2011

I do not think Number 3

even looked at it, because 10 minutes later I got a form email response declining. It was still polite, but really, shouldn't they just post on their site they aren't accepting or send a form letter saying they aren't taking new authors? I mean 10 minutes? come on! at least read the whole thing and take a night to think about it. sheesh.

Anyway it's off to agent number 4.

Also considering sending it straight to the few publishing houses who seem to be amenable to unsolicited children's books, but after I give up on the angecy thing.

The thing is the second book Idea is a better idea I think from a marketing standpoint, because they are consumable, and a series and can really lead to a lot of sold books because of the nature of them, it's a built in repeat buyer type of book.

 But the first one is very important to me, and a really happy story which I think is important for kids. I think if I can find someone who appreciates it besides everyone I've shown it to, and can get it published I've found someone who I can work with for the other set.

I just really think a nice simple happy story is a good thing. Who doesn't like happy stories?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Number 2 and number 3

I heard back from the second lit agency today, they liked it but weren't interested.

So did I wallow? Cry? NO! I sent it right out again! Two agencies isn't a brick wall!  ( I think 14 agencies is the brick wall)

(although I have to admit that I am beginning to worry that I might need to find a way to narrow the focus a little on who I send it to, since two agencies now have said they like it but it's not quite their thing.)

I finished the illustrations for the next idea I had, but need to lay it out and do a cover for it.

Not sure what the etiquette is on sending that one for considerations at agencies who did not like the first one. It is different (vastly; illustrations are simpler, different media and it's not at all the same as far as story goes at all.) Unsure if I should submit it separately or hold it till an agent takes me and then let them know I've got another ready to go or what.

Agency #3 wants to know if you've got other stuff ready, so I included the fact that it exists and what state it is in and that I hope to make a series of it, but since they want the whole shee-bang for submission and it's not ready I offered to send sample pages on request. (of course I sent them the whole shee-bang on the first one...pdf baby!)

I am so clueless about this. It is not similar in any way shape or form to submitting art to places. I am trying to follow all the advice I can find from reliable sources, but in the end I am only a first time writer.

Although I will say the lit agency rejections tend to be MUCH more professional and nice than recent art rejections ( in the last year I got two art rejections that were written by 12 year old howler monkeys with no education, but two rude no's in a sea of yes's is nothing when you've been doing that this long.) So that's an interesting and refreshing difference.

Monday, February 14, 2011

number crunching and why there's not been dailies

In looking over the financial stuff for the last year, I realize that the dailies just aren't supporting themselves. Print sales are going okay, but I really need some of the original dailies to go. I mean we are really broke, and they are taking up WAY too much room in the studio. and the amount I get from the prints only justifies advertising for more print sales.

I am not talking "sell out" here I am talking the difference between having materials, food, rent, electricity etc.

Of course having enough to fix my car would help then I could get some art fairs and galleries going, as it stands now I can't get anywhere to get more art out there. Even just sitting out at a busy coffee house on a sunny day and doing aceo's watercolors all day would help, but I can't do that. (see previous entry about being loathe to ask someone to give up a day sitting around and doing nothing while I do that)

So I think for now the dailies are just gonna have to wait till I sell a few. I am seriously low on matierials, and I need to stretch them out. It just doesn't make sense to spend time and materials on them just to do them at this point.

That said,

if you want to help out and buy an original some of them are for sale here and more of them are for sale here

If you saw one posted here you want but it is not listed for sale on either site, leave me a comment and I will make a listing for it and send you the link.

If you would like to help with supplies my dick blick wish list is here Supports (papers, canvas, panels etc) are the main thing I am running out of fast.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Across The Street....

Daily Painting - Across The Street From The Pacific Ocean -
©2011 Amy-Elyse Neer
6" x 6"  Oil on Ampersand Claybord
Daily Painting for 2-6-2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

Feeling slightly better

but still pretty run down. Sinus headache, stuffy ears and a bit of  sore throat. Going to try to work on an oil painting or the self portrait later, but not if it feels like I have force myself to paint through sickness.