Monday, June 13, 2011

And finally, a funny story and birthday present for Pinki

So on Pinki's birthday, I did this

Pink Galaxy
to surprise her with.

I made a print of it, a tee of it and a sticker sheet of it.
After each upload, redbubble automatically posted to my Fb Fan Page, which she can see, on her wall. Obviously the original was NFS as I planned on giving it to her the next day when we went out for her birthday. So it basically pushed its' way onto her social media 3 times.
And yet she was still surprised when she got it because Fb collapsed them to "redbubble activity" and showed the thumbnail for the sticker sheet. Which, because it is 6-up, was hard to see clearly in the Fb thumbnail.

A new Arfé Painting

ACEO, Coffee and Sepia Ink on 140lb watercolor paper, cold press
Coffee Bubbles

Things from Drawing Day

These all link to redbubble, the originals are up on ArtFire as well. These were done for and uploaded to Drawing Day 2011

Metal Things
Orange Kitty in Sanguine

A big chunk of art

Time for a big Update

Okay so I went a little OCD on the geometric abstract weirdness so here's those, clicking will take you to the redbubble link for each (the originals are also for sale on ArtFire)


Stained Hearts
Melon Squares