Wednesday, December 21, 2011

a little preview of valentine's stuff...

Two of my Valentine's Items have already won "Today's Best" Awards!

Here's  a little sneak peek, not everything is published yet, but this should give you an idea of what's coming!

Monday, December 12, 2011

January 1st The Plastic Bag Law goes into effect are you ready?

Be prepared.

Where I live, on January 1st 2012, shops will no longer be allowed to give you plastic shopping bags.

A lot of the retailers are going to try to get you to buy an equally earth destroying amount of crappy 99 cent net or poorly made canvas bags. They will assume you will forget the 5$ worth you bought last time to cart your groceries home in and sell you a new set, soon you will end up with a closet full of poorly made, torn grocery bags. Eventually you will chuck them. They will end up in landfills, where they will biodegrade faster than plastic obviously, but they still have a pretty high plastic content (a lot of them are "coated" on the inside or made from part nylon, which, HELLO? is a plastic!) and will represent a lot of money you chucked out into a landfill.

The Solution? A really NICE grocery tote! A sturdy, well made cotton canvas bag with a nice graphic (by me, of course!) that you will remember to take with you, care enough about not to leave on the bus, and if that sad day comes when it somehow gets a tear in it, feel it's worth the effort of stitching up!

Plus today you can stock up and save in a big way on totes!
Besides the every day bulk discount (which applies to mix and match, you don't have to get all the same design to save), today you can get 50% your bags with coupon code  FINALHOLIDAY entered at checkout.

Plus there's still time to get them delivered by Christmas! (they make great gifts)

So without further ado, here's what I have up SO FAR, I plan on getting more up and will quick post them as they happen to the Fb Fan Page, G+ and twitter, and if you have a request for any of my art on a bag leave a comment below and I will add it to the list of bag designs I am working on. (I'll make every effort to get requests up in time to take advantage of the coupon code so they will go to the top of the list)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Recipe Binders

A popular gift to the birds as they leave the nest, is the time honored tradition of the "Mom's Cookbook."

Newlyweds, college bound teens, Housewarming your young adults' first apartment or house...

Cooking is one of my favorite things, a lot of it I taught myself but nothing is more dear to me than the handwritten book of my mom's family recipes. She included all my favorites from when I was a kid, and each recipe has wonderful mom notations only she would make. She gave it to me when I moved into my first apartment, and it was supposed to be in exchanged for a finished "Joe Donut" comic, which I have, sadly, yet to finish. (I suck)

What better gift to give them (and yourself) than the gift of not having to call you every five minutes to ask how to cook something?

I suggest filling them with at least 2 pages of kitchen tips, (how to do general prep, how to care for cookware, measurement charts, and cooking times for basics like boiling eggs or potatoes, how to parboil, how to counteract missteps in seasoning, substitutions, and how to make a white sauce base are excellent suggestions for tips pages). Then, I'd suggest including at least 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, and 7 dinners.

 I am a firm believer that no child should be considered ready to leave the home on their own without already knowing how to cook 7 of each, sew a hem and a button, change their own cars' oil, tires, battery, wiper blades, head lights, and, know how to balance their bank account. (boys and girls alike should both know ALL of these things before moving out.)

I would also suggest including instructions on roasting a turkey, as holiday cookery is the leading cause of panicky phone calls home from the kitchen.

To assist you in making this culinary masterpiece for your progeny; I've published two binder designs (so far) for your homemade cook book. I would recommend putting clear vinyl sheet protectors in to protect your wisdom from the odd spill, and including a few empties for their own additions, or any additions you want to make later.

The titles, spine, and back cover are template, so you can name it how you like and include a personal bit of wisdom printed on the back cover.

and there's matching filler paper ruled for handwritten and un-ruled for printing from your computer

And matching papers for "Onion"
Onion Binder Paper, Ruled letterhead
Onion Binder Paper, Ruled by amyelyseneer

You may want to include some ruled or unruled blank paper with your cookbook as well for when they make their own additions.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sci Fi or Fantasy Prize Package that includes an iPad2 anyone? Cyber Monday Deal On redbubble!

My Redbubble

The Sci Fi Mob

The Fantasy Mob

Okay there's a 15% off Your entire purchase redbubble sale coupon just rolled out for all cyber monday (now that it has started being cyber monday in some places and lasting till it's not monday anywhere anymore 'cuz the bubble is international)

Here's how it works: you choose a fan mob, and the more people who join a fan mob, the more stuff gets thrown on the prize pile, so to help the prize pool get more awesome than it already is (they started with a kick ass limited editon LOTR for the fantasy pool, and some super Awesome Star Trek Swag in the Sci Fi pool)

Now here's how you enter for the contest to WIN, Use a code,

to get 15% off your entire purchase. The discount is the same either code. The Only difference is you are entering to win the Sci Fi Prize package OR the Fantasy Package

So joining a mob helps the prize get more awesome, and using the code enters you to win the prize, But my understanding is you do NOT have to join a mob to use the code, or make a purchase to win (you can enter the code here instead)

Basically you could by a sticker from me, use the code, get 15% off your sticker (on top of any bulk discounts the system automatically applies, for instance at 6 stickers you are only paying for 3, and this would be on top of that discount, and that all comes out of redbubbles' chunk of money, I still get paid the same) and then on top of that you would be entered to win the prize package.

Now these aren't any rinky dink prize packages, these are major swag boxes of extreme awesomeness.

The sci fi package starts off with
a Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Set by the Franklin Mint with William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy signed photographs
1 × iPad 2
1 × $50 iTunes gift card
1 × iPhone case
1 × Poster
2 × T-Shirts
10 × Stickers

the fantasy package started off with
 A 1st impression of the one volume De Luxe Edition of the Lord of the Rings, published by Allen & Unwin in 1969.
1 × iPad 2
1 × $50 iTunes gift card
1 × iPhone case
1 × Poster
2 × T-Shirts
10 × Stickers

and as the mobs growing they are adding UP to
25 Stickers, 3 Hoodies, 4 Posters, 4 iPhone cases and 6 T-shirts to the packages!

(for more details on the details see this edition of the weekly wrap on redbubble)

These codes are for EVERYTHING I sell on redbubble, Stickers, kids tees, adult tees, prints, cards, posters, and, iphone4 cases

And the discount is off your entire purchase! Plus you are supporting the arts and don't have to go anywhere, and everything will get there in time for the holidays!

So I hope you find something you like, and I also hope one of you wins the fantastic prizes!

Friday, November 4, 2011

YAY I won!

So I won, Thanks to everyone who voted!
You will be able to purchase a gift card with this design from this link (although I do not think it is available as of writing this, they only seem to have one of them up so far)

If you are curious, this is what I am using the prize money (Jerry's gift card) on.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Friday, October 28, 2011


so... uh ArtFire is Using "Shin" for one of their "Everyone can use it" Hanukkah  banners... buh....yay? lol

Unsure if this is a good thing or not.

I kind of wish they'd have asked me first, but I guess it's pretty cool that they chose it.

So if you are having a handmade hanukkah, and you are running a shop on AF, you can use "How to Play Dreidel Series -Shin Shteln Put" as your banner!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Showing Off some Halloween Items

Hi! So as some of you have figured out, I really like Halloween. I dunno if it's because I am a born costumer, or if my love of costuming comes from Halloween. It could be the free candy... or the spooky magic of being out at night walking around your neighborhood when you were a little kid... sure your dad was with you, but it was still spooky. And if it got too spooky, your dads' hand was never very far away for grabbing onto. The excitement of picking a costume, the smell of burning leaves (at least when I was a kid and you could still do that, Halloween night always had that wonderful smell in the air). Going back home and having the candy trade off with your sibling(s), actual chocolate was worth its' weight in gold, but you could buy some serious chore relief for parting with your smarties or sweetarts.

Anyway I have a lot of fun now decorating our patio for Halloween and handing out treats, and doing seasonal artwork for it.

So here's a little showcase of some Halloween themed items I've got for you this year.

On redbubble

"Ghostage" Framed Prints by Amy-Elyse Neer | RedBubble:

"Dizzy Pumpkins" Framed Prints by Amy-Elyse Neer | RedBubble:

"Pumpkins III" Framed Prints by Amy-Elyse Neer | RedBubble:

"Web" Framed Prints by Amy-Elyse Neer | RedBubble:

"Flying Witch" Photographic Prints by Amy-Elyse Neer | RedBubble:

"Pirate Girl" Photographic Prints by Amy-Elyse Neer | RedBubble:

"Pumpkins" Framed Prints by Amy-Elyse Neer | RedBubble:

"Black Cat" Framed Prints by Amy-Elyse Neer | RedBubble:

"Tissue Ghost" Framed Prints by Amy-Elyse Neer | RedBubble:

On Zazzle