Monday, March 7, 2011

My Old Lamp, And a story of frustration...

First off

Daily Painting - My Old Lamp -
©2011 Amy-Elyse Neer
8" x 10" 2h Faber Castel,HB derwent sketch, Dark Derwent Charcoal On Charcoal Paper
Daily Painting for 3-7-2011

There's a sketching challenge on redbubble this is for, in a certain group, unfortunately, the group is restricted to a max of 20 works. So I went through my stuff (this was one of the first groups I joined there) and found all my works in the group and removed all the ones I felt it was time to take out of the group. BUT that still ( I think I removed about 10 or 12 works) did not make it so I could put this IN the group.

There's no way on there to sort things by group, like tell it to bring up all your works in x group, so I had to go through each listing by hand and take stuff out. Now the cool thing is they are using one of my sketches for the cover image for the challenge, so that's very awesome. Now if I could only figure out what I am doing wrong and get this into the group so I can put it in the challenge.

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