Thursday, December 8, 2011

Recipe Binders

A popular gift to the birds as they leave the nest, is the time honored tradition of the "Mom's Cookbook."

Newlyweds, college bound teens, Housewarming your young adults' first apartment or house...

Cooking is one of my favorite things, a lot of it I taught myself but nothing is more dear to me than the handwritten book of my mom's family recipes. She included all my favorites from when I was a kid, and each recipe has wonderful mom notations only she would make. She gave it to me when I moved into my first apartment, and it was supposed to be in exchanged for a finished "Joe Donut" comic, which I have, sadly, yet to finish. (I suck)

What better gift to give them (and yourself) than the gift of not having to call you every five minutes to ask how to cook something?

I suggest filling them with at least 2 pages of kitchen tips, (how to do general prep, how to care for cookware, measurement charts, and cooking times for basics like boiling eggs or potatoes, how to parboil, how to counteract missteps in seasoning, substitutions, and how to make a white sauce base are excellent suggestions for tips pages). Then, I'd suggest including at least 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, and 7 dinners.

 I am a firm believer that no child should be considered ready to leave the home on their own without already knowing how to cook 7 of each, sew a hem and a button, change their own cars' oil, tires, battery, wiper blades, head lights, and, know how to balance their bank account. (boys and girls alike should both know ALL of these things before moving out.)

I would also suggest including instructions on roasting a turkey, as holiday cookery is the leading cause of panicky phone calls home from the kitchen.

To assist you in making this culinary masterpiece for your progeny; I've published two binder designs (so far) for your homemade cook book. I would recommend putting clear vinyl sheet protectors in to protect your wisdom from the odd spill, and including a few empties for their own additions, or any additions you want to make later.

The titles, spine, and back cover are template, so you can name it how you like and include a personal bit of wisdom printed on the back cover.

and there's matching filler paper ruled for handwritten and un-ruled for printing from your computer

And matching papers for "Onion"
Onion Binder Paper, Ruled letterhead
Onion Binder Paper, Ruled by amyelyseneer

You may want to include some ruled or unruled blank paper with your cookbook as well for when they make their own additions.

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