Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sci Fi or Fantasy Prize Package that includes an iPad2 anyone? Cyber Monday Deal On redbubble!

My Redbubble

The Sci Fi Mob

The Fantasy Mob

Okay there's a 15% off Your entire purchase redbubble sale coupon just rolled out for all cyber monday (now that it has started being cyber monday in some places and lasting till it's not monday anywhere anymore 'cuz the bubble is international)

Here's how it works: you choose a fan mob, and the more people who join a fan mob, the more stuff gets thrown on the prize pile, so to help the prize pool get more awesome than it already is (they started with a kick ass limited editon LOTR for the fantasy pool, and some super Awesome Star Trek Swag in the Sci Fi pool)

Now here's how you enter for the contest to WIN, Use a code,

to get 15% off your entire purchase. The discount is the same either code. The Only difference is you are entering to win the Sci Fi Prize package OR the Fantasy Package

So joining a mob helps the prize get more awesome, and using the code enters you to win the prize, But my understanding is you do NOT have to join a mob to use the code, or make a purchase to win (you can enter the code here instead)

Basically you could by a sticker from me, use the code, get 15% off your sticker (on top of any bulk discounts the system automatically applies, for instance at 6 stickers you are only paying for 3, and this would be on top of that discount, and that all comes out of redbubbles' chunk of money, I still get paid the same) and then on top of that you would be entered to win the prize package.

Now these aren't any rinky dink prize packages, these are major swag boxes of extreme awesomeness.

The sci fi package starts off with
a Star Trek Tri-Dimensional Chess Set by the Franklin Mint with William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy signed photographs
1 × iPad 2
1 × $50 iTunes gift card
1 × iPhone case
1 × Poster
2 × T-Shirts
10 × Stickers

the fantasy package started off with
 A 1st impression of the one volume De Luxe Edition of the Lord of the Rings, published by Allen & Unwin in 1969.
1 × iPad 2
1 × $50 iTunes gift card
1 × iPhone case
1 × Poster
2 × T-Shirts
10 × Stickers

and as the mobs growing they are adding UP to
25 Stickers, 3 Hoodies, 4 Posters, 4 iPhone cases and 6 T-shirts to the packages!

(for more details on the details see this edition of the weekly wrap on redbubble)

These codes are for EVERYTHING I sell on redbubble, Stickers, kids tees, adult tees, prints, cards, posters, and, iphone4 cases

And the discount is off your entire purchase! Plus you are supporting the arts and don't have to go anywhere, and everything will get there in time for the holidays!

So I hope you find something you like, and I also hope one of you wins the fantastic prizes!

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