Thursday, February 24, 2011

I do not think Number 3

even looked at it, because 10 minutes later I got a form email response declining. It was still polite, but really, shouldn't they just post on their site they aren't accepting or send a form letter saying they aren't taking new authors? I mean 10 minutes? come on! at least read the whole thing and take a night to think about it. sheesh.

Anyway it's off to agent number 4.

Also considering sending it straight to the few publishing houses who seem to be amenable to unsolicited children's books, but after I give up on the angecy thing.

The thing is the second book Idea is a better idea I think from a marketing standpoint, because they are consumable, and a series and can really lead to a lot of sold books because of the nature of them, it's a built in repeat buyer type of book.

 But the first one is very important to me, and a really happy story which I think is important for kids. I think if I can find someone who appreciates it besides everyone I've shown it to, and can get it published I've found someone who I can work with for the other set.

I just really think a nice simple happy story is a good thing. Who doesn't like happy stories?

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