Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Number 2 and number 3

I heard back from the second lit agency today, they liked it but weren't interested.

So did I wallow? Cry? NO! I sent it right out again! Two agencies isn't a brick wall!  ( I think 14 agencies is the brick wall)

(although I have to admit that I am beginning to worry that I might need to find a way to narrow the focus a little on who I send it to, since two agencies now have said they like it but it's not quite their thing.)

I finished the illustrations for the next idea I had, but need to lay it out and do a cover for it.

Not sure what the etiquette is on sending that one for considerations at agencies who did not like the first one. It is different (vastly; illustrations are simpler, different media and it's not at all the same as far as story goes at all.) Unsure if I should submit it separately or hold it till an agent takes me and then let them know I've got another ready to go or what.

Agency #3 wants to know if you've got other stuff ready, so I included the fact that it exists and what state it is in and that I hope to make a series of it, but since they want the whole shee-bang for submission and it's not ready I offered to send sample pages on request. (of course I sent them the whole shee-bang on the first one...pdf baby!)

I am so clueless about this. It is not similar in any way shape or form to submitting art to places. I am trying to follow all the advice I can find from reliable sources, but in the end I am only a first time writer.

Although I will say the lit agency rejections tend to be MUCH more professional and nice than recent art rejections ( in the last year I got two art rejections that were written by 12 year old howler monkeys with no education, but two rude no's in a sea of yes's is nothing when you've been doing that this long.) So that's an interesting and refreshing difference.

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