Monday, February 14, 2011

number crunching and why there's not been dailies

In looking over the financial stuff for the last year, I realize that the dailies just aren't supporting themselves. Print sales are going okay, but I really need some of the original dailies to go. I mean we are really broke, and they are taking up WAY too much room in the studio. and the amount I get from the prints only justifies advertising for more print sales.

I am not talking "sell out" here I am talking the difference between having materials, food, rent, electricity etc.

Of course having enough to fix my car would help then I could get some art fairs and galleries going, as it stands now I can't get anywhere to get more art out there. Even just sitting out at a busy coffee house on a sunny day and doing aceo's watercolors all day would help, but I can't do that. (see previous entry about being loathe to ask someone to give up a day sitting around and doing nothing while I do that)

So I think for now the dailies are just gonna have to wait till I sell a few. I am seriously low on matierials, and I need to stretch them out. It just doesn't make sense to spend time and materials on them just to do them at this point.

That said,

if you want to help out and buy an original some of them are for sale here and more of them are for sale here

If you saw one posted here you want but it is not listed for sale on either site, leave me a comment and I will make a listing for it and send you the link.

If you would like to help with supplies my dick blick wish list is here Supports (papers, canvas, panels etc) are the main thing I am running out of fast.

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