Sunday, January 23, 2011


...I will just pick random things around the house to use as fodder. Today I was thinking of these glasses we have. One thing about glass and metallic items that appeal to me, is working thru the breaking down of light and shadow. The fascination of how all the shapes fit together to make a finished thing. While I am drawing or painting something I often think about what went into the original manufacture of the item.

Like was this glass molded or blown? Who made it? Were they just mindlessly making glasses or were they hoping this was the best glass they had ever made? Were they satisfied with the color? Did they wonder about where the glass would go and who would use it? Did they know I'd use it to wet the fork when I was making the criss crosses on peanut butter cookies? Did they wonder if someone would think it was beautiful enough to catch an artists' eye? Will they see this and think "That looks like those glasses I made 20 years ago!"

Also I think, about where it will end up going forward, not the glass itself, I'm such a klutz and I only have two of the six I bought left, plus The Georgie Cat is also a klutz. One day Tony will be cleaning up what is left of this glass after one or both of us knock it over.

But about the drawing itself, will someone hang it on the wall, and if so which wall? Will it end up in a yard sale for a dollar or fought over by someones heirs?

Who would have thought so much goes into and comes out of the simple act of choosing an old glass from the cupboard?

Daily Painting - The Logic Of A Glass -
©2011 Amy-Elyse Neer
6" x 9"  Washed Graphite on Montval Watercolor 140lb Cold Press Block
Daily Painting for 1-23-2011

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