Monday, January 10, 2011

Today's is part of a challenge

The watercolor group on redbubble asks for photos for challenges, so there's a photo that wins a challenge and that photo is then a challenge for the watercolorists to paint from. Basically a collective art project.

The painters vote for the photo reference they want to use, and the winning photographer gets the ego boo of the painters drooling over their work and the painters get a work challenge of translating it to their style.

It's not the most creative endeavour as you are working off someone else's photo, but the meta-moebius appeals to my geek bone so I participated in this one.

The challenge is not open for voting for three weeks, but when it is I will post a link to the voting page.

Here is my entry

Daily Painting - Bluerabbit Canyon Path for Challenge -
©2011 Amy-Elyse Neer
6" x 9" Watercolor on Montval Watercolor 140lb Cold Press Block
Daily Painting for 1-10-2011

The photo is by bluerabbit

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