Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another in the "I can't believe more people don't like this" category

So today is kind of shot. I got my paper taped down and was all set to start working when a client snafu caused the halt of all activity while I waited for decisions and the rest of the copy. by the time I got to ACTUALLY start on today's painting, I was totally out of energy.

So I decided it was a good day for another of the "Things I like but nobody else seems to"

Today's Item is the "Painting Shirt"

The deal with this shirt is , I am a mess when I paint. there is paint or ink or smears of charcoal on everything I own. There is even bed head involved in the painting session. And OCCASIONALLY I leave the house with bad paint stains on me
I often have to explain to well meaning strangers that I just didn't have time to change, or how when you paint you get very easy going about having stains on your clothes.

So I decided  a shirt with an explanation already on it and some starter paint stains would be the best way to go. I've had it up for a while and only sold one and that was to myself (obviously) although it has gotten some positive comments. It's available in every size redbubble offers (infant up to grown up three XL) and from my own person experience I can tell you it's a really good painting shirt. It's comfy, and camouflages the stains nicely (I will admit it's a little more suited to non-hot non-summer painting, since redbubble doesn't have tanks so I haven't gotten it much further stained yet.) Plus on the two occasions when I wore it out of the house I got only compliments rather than disapproving  "Look at that slob" looks and strangers pointing out my laundry shortcomings.

Anyway check it out if you have a moment and give it some love :)

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