Friday, August 12, 2011


So I set up a Zazzle store. Mainly because I thought that the Lemon design (which is so far, my best seller on redbubble) would make a really good mouse pad design and redbubble doesn't do mouse pads or mugs which I felt the pin up girls would be cool on.

I tried not to go too nuts, and for the time being tees stickers and cards are still on redbubble, although since redbubble and Zazzle are both pretty free about where else you post your designs and I really like redbubble I most likely will not remove the designs from redbubble and move them over should I decide to offer tees and stickers and cards on Zazzle, more than likely I will just add Zazzle as another outlet for those items.

So I have a selection of mugs, the recent kitty designs , the pin ups and most of the celestial stuff. Lemon is now available on a mouse pad and a mug, as well as Candy Canes on an ornament and postage stamp. Also I magnet with Rooster Doo-Dad and a Organic Tote Bag with Garden Royalty. I will probably be adding a few more odds and ends later today.

So far the views are decent, we'll see how it does.

Design a personalized gift at Zazzle.

Oh also I did a pair of shoes and some "Pants are for Suckers" Doggie tees ( I couldn't resist... that's what I think every time I see a dog in a tee shirt)

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