Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Time for some Painting Fodder

Tomorrow I will be leaving town (laptop is coming with me, Boyfriend is not. so not putting anything in vacation mode as I'll have a computer with me and a pair of hands at home to ship things).

I will be gone till next Monday. I'm going to be at WorldCon on Friday helping friends throw a room party. The rest of the time I will be wandering around acquiring painting fodder and staying with my folks for a visit.

So far I have been informed we will be going to Virginia City, Taylor Creek, and a new hiking area my folks found that I can't recall the name of. I am going to have my eye out for tiny things, I wants some little detail-y things to work from this time. I'm bringing several travel art options including the travel watercolor stuff and the sketch box along with camera just in case I can't get them to stop while I sketch and paint. Not bringing the field easel, pretty sure I don't want to cart it around and it takes too long to set up when other people are waiting on you.

I'll probably update here at least once or twice and maybe have some pictures to share. I most likely won't be posting new works for sale though as I am not sure I can make my mom's scanner talk to my laptop.

This should be fun!

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