Monday, July 11, 2011

Hi All!

So I haven't uploaded anything in a little bit to the blog-ness, mainly because blog and IE9 were fighting and it was taking a lot more effort than I had left by the time I got to the part of the day where I was posting to it.

So I have installed chrome and I am gonna see if using a separate browser is too much trouble. Since Google owns chrome and blogger I am hoping this will solve the problems I was having. (although I have to admit I find it amusing that the spell check feature for chrome keeps trying to get me to correct the word "Google".

So in art news, I am in the catalog for the Man as Object show. YAY.more details about that incoming.

I've got some new stuff up on redbubble.

Mostly I've been busy doing some commission work, and some of it has even resulted in payment from one of the clients, so that's good.

I'll get some actual art posted tomorrow, I am supposed to be taking a day off, but have failed because monochromatic study grabbed my brain this morning.

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