Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I am toying with the idea

Of culling a lot of stuff off of various venues. I mean the listing would be hidden from public or made inactive.

Here's why:

It looks cluttered


There is actually some stuff up that I don't like, and that no one else seems to find particularly fantastic either. I mean that's okay, they can't all be home runs, but some of the stuff I don't care for how it turned out, have featured/treasury'd/collection'd/been commented well on, and I should probably leave those up.

You know, because I am not always the best judge... it's very easy when you are the artist to look at a finished work and say "That did not get to the place I was going." But very hard to tell if it got someplace else entirely for someone else. So when I get positive feedback on one I feel missed the mark I wonder about it, not because I don't trust others' opinions, but because I don't see what I wanted and that kind of blinds me to what others might see.

Ah, the fun of subjectivity  in art, everyone sees it different. Even me.

But there's some that have just been duds. It didn't get where I was going, and while a technically proficient piece, also failed to go anywhere for anyone else.

There's also some I really like but no one else seems to. I might have to do a special feature "Things I like that no one else does" or something, I guess it could be people missed it or something, give those a little push publicity wise.

Anyway, if you like something and want me to leave it up so you can buy it at some point, leave me a comment. Nothing will be "Gone" just hidden to clean up the shop and make it all a little more tidy, If I hid something you liked, feel free to let me know and I will unhide it.

When the new ArtFire shop make-overs go into effect I want my store to look neat and friendly and organized. I'm gonna try to cull back to one page in each shop section.

Also I am gonna go through redbubble and clean up a little there too... I have to take out things that have no views, features, and, no comments as it's making for a mess on their new interface. (their new interface is fine... it's way better than the old one, but it's a little cluttered with as much stuff as I have up there.)

Also there's some shirt designs that have no sales and no comments/favorites and no features... but oddly enough I don't think there's any up that are missing all three... but if there are they'll be coming down.

Except for the conversational compass, 'cause , while no one on redbubble seems to like it, the button I did on caf├ępress sold pretty good on there, so people get it, and like it, I think it just maybe can't be found , cause I think I marked it NSFW which I would change except Redbubble got their squinky handed to them about NSFW works a while back and being really strict with what is and isn't work-safe.

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