Monday, December 6, 2010

Some days

I just plain don't like how today's daily turned out. Before, I have listed them for sale, even if I wasn't perfectly happy with with them, and strangely several that fell short of where I was trying to go have gotten immediate positive response.

And today's may fall in that category, things that fell short but people seem to like. But I am self editing today and electing not to list it for sale. If you like it and want me to list it for sale, leave me a comment, cause I will totally cop to the fact I may be blinded by self criticism, and not really seeing it how other do.

any way here it is
Original Watercolor Painting -ACEO - Daily Painting - Mermaid in Watercolor -
Daily Painting - Mermaid in Watercolor-
©2010 Amy-Elyse Neer
ACEO 3.5" x 2.5" Watercolor on Strathmore Watercolor ACEO cardstock
Daily Painting for 12-6-2010

The plan was to do this in several mediums, watercolor, then tomorrow Acrylic, then the next day colored pencil, then Pen and ink, then colored pen, then oil. and I still like the design and will probably do that, but I am not happy with the way the watercolor one turned out.

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